Musings about the New Moon ~ 5/7/2024

New Moon in Taurus Lessons

Plant the seeds
Watch them grow
Picture showing the phases of the moon

The new moon happening tonight (May 7th) is the end of an intense eclipse season. Take a moment to reflect on who you were 6 months ago. I bet you have evolved significantly. Honor all that has happened and how that has helped you evolve. It is now the time to plant seeds, literally and figuratively for the next 6 months.

To honor this new moon, I planted more seeds for my vegetable garden and spread some beautiful wildflower seeds at the front of my woodland home. While doing this, I thought about the work it takes to sprout from the seed and grow and how grateful I am for the magic of nature. When I came back inside my home, I saw my Border Collie had something yellow in her mouth in the backyard. I went out there and made her release it.

It was a small goldfinch that was still alive. I picked him up and cradled him, telling him how sorry I was that he was injured. He looked directly at me, and it seemed like he was telling me he trusted me to help him. I placed him in a bowl with a soft towel under him and put some seed next to him. I lightly covered the top of the bowl to keep him contained should he try to fly but still have plenty of air to breathe.

He sat in the bowl next to me while I worked on my computer, and I kept a close eye on him. He continued to look right at me, and I kept saying that he would be ok and that he was safe to rest now.

An hour passed. I saw he was starting to sit up and move his wings a bit. I carried the bowl outside and set it next to a small flower planter on my deck railing. I guided him up to the edge of the bowl and he jumped onto the planter. And then within 2 seconds, he took flight across the yard and into the trees. I cheered for him and said goodbye.

This reminded me of a lesson I have been working on for myself in the last few months which ties into the message of this new moon: that although I may have psychological injuries from my past which seem to flare up from time to time, with time, rest, and compassion, I can rise back up and take flight again.

This is what the new moon is about. Look back at who you were 6 months ago and celebrate who you are today. You have evolved and it should be recognized. And then also set intentions for where you would like to be in another 6 months.

Want some help with how to help make this happen?

Take a few minutes today to journal about what you would like to grow this spring and summer. Set your intentions with this new moon and then over the next couple of days, take action to set those dreams into motion.

Dreams only come true when you play an active role in bringing them to life.

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