What materials do you use for your jewelry?

All stones used in our pieces are high-quality natural stones. We aim to not used dyed stones and will indicate if a stone is dyed in the product description. Finishes on stones are generally polished although some have a matte or frosted appearance.

A metal bead is often used to hide the knot made to secure the jewelry. Many of the pieces allow for the choice between silver or bronze beads. The metal pieces are made with zinc alloy and are lead and nickel free.

You can also customize the bracelet with the addition of lava beads to use as an essential oil diffuser. 

Most bracelets are made with an elastic stretch cord. However, some are made with beading wire. Malas are made with C-Lon thread. Necklaces are made with beading wire, natural leather, or metal chain.

How Can I Accurately Determine My Bracelet Size?


Please check out our size guides.
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Caring for Your Bracelet

If your bracelet is on stretch cord, roll the bracelets over the hand rather than pulling on one end to keep the stringing material from snapping. Take your bracelet off if you are bathing, swimming, or washing dishes. The water can affect the stones and it will decrease the life of the stringing material.