Our Favorite Things

Over the years, I have found things that I love and when I find those things, I want to share them with everyone.
And if those are things you buy and I can get you a discount or some other perk, then even better! So take a peek below and check out some of my favorite things!

Laurel Denise Planners

Laurel Denise Planner
I LOVE these planners so much. I have used so many different planners over the years and never keep up with them. I also have a Google calendar as well as an Outlook calendar. Planning and organizing my days is vital when you juggle as much as I do. I came across Laurel Denise over a year ago and there is something magical with her planners. They are magical because they are simple and EFFECTIVE. Her tagline is "Planners for the way you think." And it is true! I love how efficiently they are laid out. I can see the whole month plus the week broken up day by day along with a weekly to do list and a monthly to do list. All of this without having to flip forward and back. I seriously cannot rave about them enough. I joined their affiliate program because I was bragging up the planners so much and people were buying them based on my enthusiasm so I figured I would become an affiliate so I could provide people with a discount plus get a little commission to help offset the cost of my addiction to her planners and accessories.
Head to Laurel Denise now and check them out. If you use code JNJ10 at checkout, you will get 10% off your order. 

Trust me, you'll love them. Thank me later. :)

Big Raven Yoga

Kristine sitting on the Devon's Heart yoga mat

I met Joleen Emery from Big Raven Yoga a few years ago and was absolutely blown away by her kindness, creativity, and energy. She reached out to me and asked for a meeting. She and her husband Darrin create the most beautiful yoga mats. They are sturdy and have a non-slip surface, which is very important for someone like me who always gets sweaty hands and feet when practicing downward facing dog. Joleen said she wanted to create a mat design in honor of my beloved Devon AND donate $30 to Children's Hospital MN (JNJ's main cause) for each mat that was sold. I was in tears by her kindness and generosity. The mat design captures Devon through the butterflies and the pink and purple colors. Her name is even hidden within the design. Click here to learn more about the Devon's Heart mat. The picture is me in my happy place, Grand Marais MN, on my Devon's Heart yoga mat.

Beads Venture - Ninja Cord

Picture of 3 spools of Ninja Cord sitting on a bead tray.
People always ask me about the materials I use to make my products. One of my newest favorite things is the elastic cord sold by Beads Venture called Ninja Cord. It has proven to be the strongest of all the cords I've used. Given the thousands (literally) of bracelets I have made, that is saying something. Beads Venture has been kind enough to give me a special code for you to use to get 10% off anything at their store, including their Ninja Cord. They also have beautiful bead boards, beads, and other findings and accessories for you to make your own creations if you want. Just enter KRISTINEJENSON in the discount box at checkout to get the 10% off your entire order!
PS - I also really love their Magic Stoppers instead of using regular crimp beads.