Cosmic Magic is Happening Right Now...

There is some powerful cosmic shifts happening this week.

We have a full moon on May 23, 2024 at 9:52am (EDT). It is a full moon in Sagittarius and it is the most powerful full moon for all of 2024 because it is happening just as Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25, 2024 for the first time in 12 years.

So if you believe in working with the magic of our natural systems, you can take a little time to reflect on what is happening in our cosmic world and how it may relate to you. I'll share some of what you can expect in this post.

I follow Virginia Rosenberg on social media. She's an astrologer who is great at explaining what each sign may be feeling or needing to examine during these celestial events. For this partcular full moon as Jupiter enters Gemini, she says that it represents "a culmination - a graduation - from one phase of life to the next."  She says that now is a time to reflect on all you have achieved and celebrate your journey. This is also a perfect time to think about how you will use all that you have learned for what comes next for you. Because of Jupiter's shift into Gemini, this is a time for curiosity and being open to change and expansion.

These celestial events and the message with them are timely when so many people are graduating high school or college right now. It may also represent a shift in the stage of your life in other ways.

This full moon falls on my 50th birthday. Yup. I have hit half a century in physical age. Plus I am a Gemini and my rising sign is Sagittarius so I am paying attention to the messages I am getting right now. So both the moon and Jupiter's movement are especially potent for me.

Physically, I have had a rough week thus far. I had a migraine on Monday and stomach issues all week. As I am writing this post (May 22), I have tweaked my low back and am dealing with some pain. I also twisted my ankle 2 weeks ago and that is bugging me right now too.

What do these physical issues mean? I can't say for certain but I can tell you it has made me slow down a little bit and be mindful of what my body needs. I have been going at 100 mph the last couple of months. It seems my body is telling me to rest a little bit.

Energetically, I have been very active at working through some nagging blocks in my solar plexus that don't want to release. After doing some deep diving, I know these blocks are not just from this lifetime but are ancestoral so a lot of effort is needed to break free of it all. It is happening though. I am sure of it.

I have been moving into this new phase of my life over the last 12 months and it has been only recently that I have recognized just how content I am in my new home and the daily life I have set up for myself. I am still ambitious; stretching and reaching for new things within myself and JNJ. But I have a real sense of peace in my daily existence, which I can't recall ever having before. Is life perfect? No. That is impossible. But it is at a place where I feel blessed and content. I am not always on guard and waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

So this seems like a perfect time to thank the Universe for this life. To open my arms up for abundance and know that I am so worthy to receive it. To allow myself to play and be silly. To rest in the knowledge that I am safe, loved, and that I always will be. To take a deep breath and slow down rather than push forward like a bull all the time. To release and know that all is well.


And just because I can't sign off without sharing some info about gemstones, here are the ones I am feeling drawn to right now:

  • Fluorite for keeping my intuition and crown open to messages from other realms.
  • Tiger Eye for building up my solar plexus and reminding me that I am so worthy of comfort, rest, and abundance.
  • Moss Agate for its connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

I hope you can take a little time over the next couple of days to reflect on all you have accomplished and learned so far in life and then open yourself up to what new paths you have yet to explore. Maybe even take a step towards or onto that new path and see where it leads. The world is yours. So go for it.

with love,