Rooted Strength Intention Necklace

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The Rooted Strength Intention Necklace is made with high-quality Ancient Cellar Agate and Amazonite stones which provide grounding, calmness and strength to its wearer.

Materials include:

  • 6mm Ancient Cellar Black Agate stones
  • Amazonite focal stone
  • 3.5" cream colored, silky tassel
  • antique gold colored metal beads
  • cream thread

Necklace length: 30" to focal stone; 34.5" total length.

Find our necklace size guide here.

Ancient Cellar Agate is a Black Agate that has been treated to bring out the amazing array of colors in the stones seen in these malas. Black Agate is a very stabilizing and grounding stone. It helps bring emotions into balance and can increase your courage and self-confidence.

Amazonite is a stone of expression and inspiration. Amazonite is used to help soothe the spirit and calm the soul. It tempers aggression and calms the irrational. It provides harmony and balance. It is rejuvenating and enhances loving communication. 

Every bead is lovingly strung on thread and hand-knotted between each stone, embodying the essence of patience and devotion. Your Intention Necklace is infused with loving intention and energy, ensuring this is not just a piece of jewelry, but a tool for meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual growth.

This piece is more than a necklace; it is a portal to a higher consciousness, a tangible reminder of your spiritual journey, and a source of strength in your quest for inner peace and insight.

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Note: Crystal descriptions are meant to support healing, not to provide prescription or healthcare information.