About Us

Picture of Kristine Jenson

My name is Kristine Jenson and I create jewelry that allow you to connect with the natural world, your spirituality, and your inner self.

The beauty found in nature is reflected in our jewelry, and we work to create gorgeous aesthetics from Earth’s raw materials. Our pieces serve a variety of purposes, most of which our customers create for themselves. We carry sacred pieces, such as malas, with deep histories in Buddhist and Hindu practices, along with simple and modern items with histories and meanings YOU can create.  

10% of all profits are donated to the Pediatric Cardiovascular Program at the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota in honor of our owner’s beloved niece, Devon. Devon sadly passed in 2003 due to a rare heart defect, but she remains the heart of JNJ. Learn more about Devon’s Legacy here. 

JNJ is committed to using high-quality, ethically sourced materials. Our customers can trust that all our items are made from authentic crystals & gemstones and that each piece is individually handcrafted. 

JNJ is a woman owned and operated business. JNJ wholeheartedly supports the basic human rights of all people and the advancement and empowerment of minoritized groups and individuals.