JNJ Founder, Kristine Jenson

My name is Kristine Jenson and I create jewelry that allows you to connect with the natural world, your spirituality, and your inner self.

Picture of Kristine Jenson

The beauty found in nature is reflected in the jewelry I create, using the natural beauty from the Earth to make one of a kind pieces that reflect YOU. My jewelry serves a variety of purposes. They can simply be jewelry that you find beautiful that makes you feel good or with meanings YOU create for yourself. Or the jewelry can be a sacred tool for your spirituality, such as malas, with deep histories in Buddhist and Hindu practices. What is important to me is that YOU FEEL SEEN. You are important to me and you are important to this world. Your unique gifts and energy are vital and my hope is that the jewelry I create reminds you of this so that you can go out into the world feeling your best and able to radiate love and compassion.

10% of all profits at JNJ are donated to the Pediatric Cardiovascular Program at the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota in honor of my beloved niece, Devon. Devon left this realm in 2003 due to a rare heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome but she remains the heart of JNJ. Learn more about Devon’s Legacy here. An additional percentage of profits is donated throughout the year to other non-profits or causes that mean something to me, such as Minnesota Public Radio, Wikipedia, various animal rescue groups, and Go Fund Me campaigns for friends or family dealing with health issues.

It is also important to me to do my part to improve our environment and reduce the effects of climate change. One way of doing this is by partnering with Planet. For each shipment sent by JNJ, we pay an additional fee to Planet whose work offsets the carbon impact of all of JNJ's shipping. This makes Jenson Natural Jewelry a carbon neutral business - and that is something I am proud of. 

Image showing the results Planet has made in reducing carbon emissions.

As part of my commitment to helping protect this planet for generations to come, JNJ is committed to using high-quality, ethically sourced materials. You can trust that all items I make are made from authentic crystals & gemstones and that each piece is individually handcrafted by my two hands. Another way I make sure to uphold my commitment to ethically sourced materials is through the tassels I buy for malas. I purchase tassels from a US woman-owned company who works directly with women in India to buy tassels and other accessories at fair trade pricing.

JNJ is a woman-owned and operated business. JNJ wholeheartedly supports the basic human rights of all people and the advancement and empowerment of minoritized groups and individuals. We are all worthy of love and acceptance in this world for no reason other than the fact that we were born. You matter. You are important. I see you and I honor you. 

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