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Bracelet Repair Each bracelet made at JNJ is done with the utmost care and love. But, the stretch cord may break over time with regular wear or perhaps you caught it on something and it snapped. No matter how it happened, we will be here to fix things.
Bracelet Repair Sale price$5.00
Cloud Quartz Bead Bracelet
Calm Serenity Vibes Bracelet
Tiger Eye Mix Bead Bracelet
Tiger Eye Mix Bead Bracelet Sale priceFrom $24.00
Abundance & Motivation Vibes Bracelet
Joy & Positivity Vibes Bracelet
Divine Feminine Vibes Bracelet
Apatite Mini Bracelet
Apatite Mini Bracelet Sale price$26.00
Hematite Power Stone Bracelet
Virgo Zodiac Bracelet
Virgo Zodiac Bracelet Sale price$27.00
Sodalite Bracelet
Sodalite Bracelet Sale price$28.00
Chakra Power Stone Bracelet
Dappled Sunlight Bracelet
Dappled Sunlight Bracelet Sale price$28.00
Green Aventurine Mini Bracelet
Twilight Bracelet
Twilight Bracelet Sale price$28.00
Dappled Sunlight Mini Bracelet
Pride Bracelet
Pride Bracelet Sale price$28.00
Leo Zodiac Bracelet
Leo Zodiac Bracelet Sale price$30.00
Aquarius Zodiac Bracelet
Aquarius Zodiac Bracelet Sale price$30.00
Higher Guidance Vibes Bracelet
Fluorite and Amethyst Mini Bracelet
Green Aventurine Bead Bracelet
Deep Woods Bracelet
Deep Woods Bracelet Sale price$32.00
Earth Harmony Bracelet
Earth Harmony Bracelet Sale price$32.00