Lovely Libras! This is YOUR Season!

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Libras are known to be compassionate and empathetic people. They will go out of their way to help others and want to avoid conflict if at all possible. They are especially talented at making their surroundings beautiful. Libras are able to see all sides to a situation - and it makes sense that the symbol and constellation in the sky that represents this sign is The Scales. Libras are balanced and thoughtful, not quick to pass judgement.  One of my closest friends is a Libra and she lives up to this entire description perfectly!

Some famous Libras include Bruce Springsteen, Serena Williams, Sting, Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter, John Lennon, and Mahatma Gandhi! Wow!! Talk about impressive!

Mahatma GandhiSerena WilliamsBruce Springsteen

It is Libra season from September 23rd - October 22nd and to celebrate, all jewelry with Libra energy is 15% off now through October 5th, 2023.

That's right - all jewelry (aside from custom bracelets and malas) that has stones associated with the Libra zodiac sign will be 15% off through 10/5/2023.

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Know a special Libra in your life? Get them an extra special gift this year. Or perhaps you are a Libra? Then get yourself something special!

xo, Kristine

Some stones that especially resonate with Libras are:

 Lapis Lazuli mini bead bracelet
Opal & Fluorite necklace
Apatite bead bracelets
Black Moss Opal Mala Bracelet

Black Moss Opal Mala Bracelet


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