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Ruby Sapphire Cube Bracelet
Ruby Sapphire Cube Bracelet
Ruby Sapphire Cube Bracelet

Ruby Sapphire Cube Bracelet

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Ruby is a stone of nobility. It represents passion, protection, and prosperity and increases your vitality.

Zodiac: Libra, Scorpio
Chakras: Root
Birthstone: July

 Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, royalty, and prophecy. It is a symbol of power and strength, but also kindness and wise judgement.

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus
Chakras: Throat, Third Eye
Birthstone: September


 Fun Facts:
Ruby and Sapphire are included with the four Cardinal Gemstones, which are considered to be the rarest and most precious of all gemstones. The other two Cardinal Gemstones are Emerald and Diamond.
The largest Ruby in the world is 8.2 pounds and 18,696 carats!
Until 2016, The Star of India (563 carats) was considered to be the world's largest Star Sapphire. However, in 2016, the giant 1,404.45 carat, blue "Star of Adam" was found in Sri Lanka.

Made with:

  • 4mm high-quality natural ruby and sapphire stones
  • faceted, cube shape
  • zinc-alloy accent bead, dark silver colored
  • strung on strong elastic cord

To determine the size needed for the bracelet, measure around the wrist and then add 1/2". For reference, an average women's bracelet would be about 7".