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Meet Our Staff

Designer & Owner 

Photo of owner & designer, Kristine Jenson.

My name is Kristine Jenson and I am the designer and owner of Jenson Natural Jewelry. The natural world has always been a passion of mine. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and as a child, my parents would take me out of the city and head to the North Shore of Lake Superior. I fell in love with the area immediately. I could spend hours climbing on rock cliffs, exploring the gorgeous pine woods, and gazing at the majestic lake. I feel at peace and yet more alive and energized than ever when I am there. To this day, it is my favorite place on Earth. 

I have worked in the natural resource world my entire adult life, helping to protect lakes, streams, and wetlands, creating natural landscapes to help plant diversity and support birds, pollinators, and wildlife, and now through sharing the beauty of natural stone with others. 

In order for me to move into a new line of business that required me to actually SELL something, I needed to be passionate about whatever it was I was selling and have a bigger meaning to it all rather than to just make some money. As I thought about this, I immediately realized that I could use this company to help share the story of my beloved niece Devon who passed away due to a rare heart defect in 2003. I knew I could keep her legacy alive while also helping other families by donating a portion of my profits to the Heart Program at Children's Hospital of Minnesota. Click here to learn more about Devon’s legacy. 

Website Manager Photo of website manager, Abi Lampert.

Hi! My name is Abi Lampert, and I am the Website Manager at JNJ. I am a third-year English & Philosophy student the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, and I am passionate about maintaining and creating beauty in this world. By working at JNJ, I get to do just that! I also enjoy photography, cultivating my personal style, listening to and playing music, reading, and learning new things.

Social Media ManagerPhoto of social media manager, Nora Lahti

Hello! My name is Nora Lahti and I am Jenson Natural Jewelry’s social media manager. I am currently heading into my fourth year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a major in Organizational Communications. I recently just got back from a semester abroad where I studied at the University of Winchester in Winchester England, and I absolutely loved it. In my free time I love to hang out with friends and family, go walking and running, and my most recent interest has been photography!